iplay Sound Transducer -M6

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Functions and features:

  • Output Power : RMS 5 W
  • Support Micro SD Card
  • Support remote control
  • Support FM Radio
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Line-in with 3.5mm Audio Jack
  •  USB  charging cable included
  •  Built-in 3.7 V 1100mAh rechargeable lithium Battery
  •  Suction Support.
  •  Color: Silver, Black, Pink and Blue.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • 12 months limited Warranty

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Turn any surface into a Loudspeaker.

The new redesigned  iplay Sound Transducer from Ashley Innovations  is small and unobtrusive, creating the ultimate invisible sound source. This amazing technology turns any surface into a loudspeaker – False ceilings furniture and even glass. The iplay Sound Transducer device works through an energizing principle, sending frequency waves across both sides of the activated surface producing a non directional, diffused sound which evenly fills the whole of the area.

Simply attach the device to almost any surface – imagine turning a glass partition or store window into a loudspeaker, delivering your messages and capturing the attention of passers by.


Material Sound Performance
Wood Bass is good, rich and sumptuous mid-sound
Metal Strong Bass
Paperboard The clarity of the sound reduced, and it sounds like vinyl disc
Glass Clean and transparent sound
Hollow Wall Good spacious sound performance

Placing the speaker on solid surface such as concrete, bricks, granite etc will lead to a lower sound output as sound cannot resonate through those materials. Place the speaker on something with a hollow chamber such as a guitar, a table with drawers, even a cardboard box will greatly amplify the sound.

This is an amazing little device that can turn almost any surface into a high fidelity speaker. Tables, chairs, windows and walls will all come alive with the iplay Sound Transducer.

This makes a great travel speaker as it fits easily into your suitcase, purse, coat pocket, you name it. It’s a perfect replacement to your flat sounding computer speakers. Works great in a dorm room because it doesn’t take much space, but the sound is great. What a great unique gift it is!



  • Feel the iplay Sound Transducer and hear the 360°sound…all coming from your favorite surface.
  • Experience 360°sound with just one portable speaker.
  • Ideal for iPhones, iPads, cell phones, computers, notebooks, and other audio players with standard 3.5mm audio jacks.
  • Bluetooth function available
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery charges via included USB cable. Charges and plays at the same time.
  • Enjoy hours of continuous play on one charge.


Special Features:

  • iplay Sound Transducer
  • With magic audio frequency fixture
  • Quite different from the traditional on which base on electromagnetic coils
  • Makes any hard surface play euphonious musical notes, such as wood, glass, floor, metal surface, and more
  • You will hear various materials around you, which play different music quality in different sides
  • Enjoy yourself in the freedom of music
  • New sound principle will bring new musical lifestyle to you
  • Audio quality maintains the same level no matter it is large or small
  • Exploits new times that high quality audio equipment’s are joining in the trend of fashion and portability
  • New stylistic products of audio frequency
  • Small and used to furnish audio frequency for PCs, music mobile phones, MP3/MP4s, CD palm players, and other portable fixtures.


M6 Specification


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