Clear View

Clear View


Holographic Rear Projection Screen

Clearview is a transparent rear projection screen which provides a low cost alternative to holographic screens, with superior performance, definition and no critical angle of projection. This amazing technology still allows visibility through the screen – displaying bright, sharp and vibrant images even in brightly-lit environments. Ideal for window applications, POS displays, exhibitions and advertising.

This unique transparent diffusion screen is ideal for any number of display applications; providing the ability to see through into the space behind the screen.

Clearview Rear Projection Film

Clearview Film can be applied directly to glass or acrylic, available in standard screen sizes, by the metre off the roll (1524mm wide) or in wholesale roll format (10m and 30m rolls available).

Standard Features

· Hand cast rear projection screen
· Transmission – 97%
· Peak Gain – 7.9
· Horizontal half gain value (off axis) – +/-22°
· Vertical half gain value (off axis) – +/-22°
· Thickness – 3mm (0.12”)
· Viewing cone – 160°
· Colour – transparent

Standard Screen Sizes

4:3 Aspect Ratio  –  30”, 40”, 50”, 60”, 67”, 84”, 100”, 120”, 134”
16:9 Aspect Ratio  –  30”, 40”, 60”, 67”, 80”, 92”, 120”, 138”

Recommended Applications

· Advertising screen
· Window display
· POS / POP display
· Trade shows / promotions
· Attention screen


Ashley Innovations offer a complete range of fixing systems which includes wire cable and rod suspension systems, aluminum frames and portable screen stands.
To add sound to your screen solution please take a look at our audio transducers.

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